The example script on the RubyGems Guides Security page is short and sweet, and left a lot of work for me to do.

require 'digest/sha2'
built_gem_path = 'pkg/gemname-version.gem'
checksum =
checksum_path = 'checksum/gemname-version.gem.sha512', 'w' ) {|f| f.write(checksum) }
# add and commit 'checksum_path'

It doesn’t create SHA-256 checksums, which are the only ones displayed on the gem’s landing page at There is also a rake task (rake build:checksum) which only creates an SHA-256 checksum. If I enhance the rake task, extending it to create both, and then it changes, (as I am hoping it will!) then I’ll need to undo the rake override hack in all my projects.

So I came up with a better version of the script I can use until I don’t need it anymore.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# frozen_string_literal: true

require "digest/sha2"

# Final clause of Regex `(?=\.gem)` is a positive lookahead assertion
# See:
# Used to pattern match against a gem package name, which always ends with .gem.
# The positive lookahead ensures it is present, and prevents it from being captured.
VERSION_REGEX = /((\d+\.\d+\.\d+)([-.][0-9A-Za-z-]+)*)(?=\.gem)/.freeze

gem_path_parts = ARGV.first&.split("/")

if gem_path_parts&.any?
  gem_name = gem_path_parts.last
  gem_pkg = File.join(gem_path_parts)
  puts "Looking for: #{gem_pkg.inspect}"
  gems = Dir[gem_pkg]
  puts "Found: #{gems.inspect}"
  gem_pkgs = File.join("pkg", "*.gem")
  puts "Looking for: #{gem_pkgs.inspect}"
  gems = Dir[gem_pkgs]
  raise "Unable to find gems #{gem_pkgs}" if gems.empty?

  # Sort by newest last
  # [ "my_gem-2.3.9.gem", "my_gem-2.3.11.pre.alpha.4.gem", "my_gem-2.3.15.gem", ... ]
  gems.sort_by! { |gem|[VERSION_REGEX]) }
  gem_pkg = gems.last
  gem_path_parts = gem_pkg.split("/")
  gem_name = gem_path_parts.last
  puts "Found: #{gems.length} gems; latest is #{gem_name}"

checksum512 =
checksum512_path = "checksums/#{gem_name}.sha512"
File.write(checksum512_path, checksum512)

checksum256 =
checksum256_path = "checksums/#{gem_name}.sha256"
File.write(checksum256_path, checksum256)

version = gem_name[VERSION_REGEX]

git_cmd = <<~GIT_MSG
git add checksums/* && \
git commit -m "🔒️ Checksums for v#{version}"

puts <<~RESULTS
[GEM: #{gem_name}]
[VERSION: #{version}]
[CHECKSUM SHA256 PATH: #{checksum256_path}]
[CHECKSUM SHA512 PATH: #{checksum512_path}]

... Running ...


# This will replace the current process with the git process, and exit.
# Any command placed after this will not be run:
#   See:

I may wrap this in a gem so I can easily install it on any machine…

I also submitted it as a PR to Rubygems Guides as a potential replacement for the old script.