oauth2 version 1.4.6 is Released

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The oauth2 gem team has been working on preparing a version 2.0.0 for release. It will have some minor breaking changes, and some important bug fixes. It will have code cleanup, and new features.

But for many people version 1.4.x has been working fine, and all they need is a new version, warts and all, which fixes some bugs, adds some features, and allows them to upgrade some dependencies, particularly jwt and faraday. So I have prepared a 1.4.6 release.

Here is the relevant section of CHANGELOG.md:

1.4.6 - 2021-03-19

  • #540 - Add VERSION constant (@pboling)
  • #537 - Fix crash in OAuth2::Client#get_token (@anderscarling)
  • #538 - Remove reliance on globally included OAuth2 in tests for version 1.4 (@anderscarling)