Peter H Boling         Detroit, MI (remote-only)

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Architect-level engineer with team lead and hands-on management experience in deep backend systems for 25 years.  Assembling teams at innovative startups, and established enterprises, while building complex backend systems and delivering successful products.  Led major PHP-to-Rails migrations @ aSmallWorld and BibleGateway. Tidelift Maintainer since April 2022. Recognized by GitHub in July 2022 as author/maintainer of critical FLOSS tools (ref). I speak 🇺🇸English (native), 🇲🇽Spanish (fluent), 🇧🇷Portuguese (fluent), and 🇮🇩Indonesian (basic).

Coding Bootcamp Instructor  | edX,  Michigan State University  |  DT, MI  |  Mar’23  |  present

Stack: React,GraphQL,Node,MongoDB

Teaching Full Stack Web Development with React + Node in a 24 week Coding Bootcamp course.

Principal Engineer Team Lead  |  VitalConnect  |  SJ, CA  |  Dec’22  |  present

Stack: Rails microservices,RSpec,psql,AWS,GraphQL,BB

Building a cloud engineering team, and supporting outpatient cardiac health monitoring. Developing reporting and alerting tools. Improving resiliency with robust testing.

Director of Software Engineering  |  Riviera Partners  |  SF, CA  |  Feb’20  |  2.8y  |  Dec’22

Stack: Rails 5.2,Ruby 2.5…2.7,RSpec,psql,S3,ES,Sk,k8,Hasura,GraphQL,CQRS+ES,Svelte,GH,Jx

PE-backed search firm combining executive search with an AI/ML-driven search system. Hired & managed back-end, devops, and all contractors. Translated executive strategy to executable roadmap. 10x better response rate w/ automation. Event Storming to map domain. Wrote service_actor-promptable.

Tech Advisor, Principal Engineer  |  Karuna Health  |  SF, CA  |  Nov’18  |  1.5y  | Apr’20

Stack: Rails 5.2,Ruby 2.5…2.6,RSpec,psql,SQS,Protobuf,S3,ES,Sk,Aptible,GH

Connected patients with healthcare guides through streamlined communication and automation. Built Redox integration, email gateway. Advised on tech & hiring. Acquired by Commure, Inc.

Principal Engineer Team Lead  |  Bolt Threads  |  SF, CA  |  Sep’17  |  0.8y  |  May’18

Stack: Rails 4.2…5.2,Ruby 2.3…2.5,RSpec,psql,Ubuntu,OPC DA

Cutting-edge materials science for fashion and beauty industries. Integrated OPC DA with Lab Information Management System (LIMS). Instrumented Stoll industrial knitting machine. LIMS maintenance & replacement. “Leadership Fundamentals” training; hired new leadership.

Full-Stack Eng, Founder  |  9thBit LLC  |  SF, CA & NY, NY  |  May’16  |  3.6y  |  Nov’19

Stack: Rails 4.2…5.2,Ruby 2.0…2.6,React v16,Redux,RSpec,psql,S3,ES,Sk,GH,Cypress,Contentful,DynamoDB,S3 & CW,Mongo,Resque,BB,DO,DD,NR,SF

Agile software development agency. Full or part-time building solutions across many industries. 2016-18 Contract w/ Intricately, authoritative product adoption, usage, and spend Data on 7 million companies with marketing and sales intelligence. Built systems to track changes to the internet (writ large). Automated alerting, and benchmarking. Cloud intel reports for F100 enterprise customers. Wrote debug_logging; maintaining dynamoid. 2018-19 Contract /w Group1001, family of insurance companies offering accumulation and protection solutions; Gainbridge, Delaware Life, Relay Rewards. Sole dev on Relay Rewards & Group1001 (Rails); Analytics SME on Gainbridge (React v16)

Principal Engineer Team Lead  |  Invoice2go  |  SF, CA & JK, INDO  |  Jan’16  |  1.1y  |  Feb’17

Stack: Rails 4.2,Ruby 2.3,RSpec,psql,S3,ES,Redis,Sk,CircleCI,Jenkins,GH Enterprise,ZD,NR

Professional invoicing platform for freelancers and small businesses. Managed web team in developing a revamped web app. Managed automation team (dev tools): git flow, feature flags. Promoted to Principal Engineer & assigned leadership role in Jakarta office. Acquired by

Staff Engineer (equiv)  |  Trumaker & Co  |  SF, CA  |  Apr’14  |  2y  |  Apr’16

Stack: Rails 3.2,Ruby 2.0…2.1,RSpec,React,Ember,Haml,Slim,SASS,psql,S3,Sk,TravisCI,GH,SF,NR,Heroku

Personalized service and bespoke made-to-measure fashion. Monolith extractions Ember/React; Orders, manufacturing, shipping & inventory. 12-state CRM w/ commissioned sales attribution. Wrote celluloid-io-pg-listener - real-time, bi-directional, SalesForce integration. Thor automation.

CTO, Co-founder  |  Acquaintable  |  NY, NY  |  Nov’12  |  1.1y  |  Nov’13

Stack: Rails 3.2,Ruby 1.9…2.0,RSpec,RequireJS,Bb+Mar,ZF,Neo4j,psql,S3,Sk,Puma,TravisCI,GH,Librato,NR,Heroku

Pitched, fund-raised, and implemented socially-curated dating via friends-of-friends. Touch-enabled SPA; Match UX < 10s. Seed round ERA-NYC Winter 2013; Acquired by Reveal (MS Ventures)

Senior Engineer Team Lead  |  Bloomberg LP  |  NY, NY  |  Aug’10  |  2.3y  |  Nov’12

Stack: Rails 2.3…3.2,Ruby 1.8…1.9,Grape,RSpec,RequireJS,ZF,Slim,SASS,SOAP,Unicorn,Puma,TeamCity

Tightly integrated portfolio management and performance reporting. 1st Employee @ Bloomberg Black. Hired team of 10; Promoted to Team Lead. JS flyout menus, scrollspy, breadcrumbs; Shaved 10ms/req; CMS w/ SSR & AJAX; Platform support Win, RedHat & MacOS. Now CircleBlack.

Senior Engineer Team Lead, Partner  |  Sagebit, LLC  |  Indy, IN  |  Jun’07  |  4.6y  | Dec’11

Stack: Rails 1.2…3.1,Ruby 1.8…1.9,RSpec,Haml,CSS,jQuery,MySQL,Mongrel,Unicorn,GH,Debian,Ubuntu

Agile software development agency. Hired & trained team of 5 in stateless programming. Promoted to Team Lead, then Partner; Led buildout of RadioBookmark’s back-end. Internal projects: sports mgmt, events & tickets, spam analysis. Led team of 10 converting aSmallWorld to Rails; LB’d rolling 32 server prod env; 2MM uniques/month, & 300K page views/day; Data migration; Forum, photo sharing, friend network, page & user tracking; Polymorphic CMS; Advertising engine for Estee Lauder & Mercedes-Mclaren.

Full-Stack Eng, Founder  |  9thBit LLC  |  Indy, IN & NY, NY  |  Mar’07  |  7.8y  |  Nov’14

Stack: Rails 1.2…2.3,RailsLTS,Ruby 1.8…2.1,MySQL,RSpec,EPub,Solr,Redmine,jQuery,AJAX,CSS,Ubuntu,Haml,MySQL, Mongrel,Unicorn,TravisCI,GH,NR,CGI,Oracle 11g,rbenv,bash,daemons,RedHat

Agile software development agency. Full or part-time building solutions across many industries.

Engineer  |  Legislative Services Agency - IGA  |  Indy, IN  |  97 & 06  |  2.3y  |  99 & 07

Stack: Rails 1.1…1.2,Ruby 1.8,Oracle8i,9i,10g,jQuery,CSS,Redhat,IIS,XML,XSL,Tomcat,Cocoon,C#,Google Mini

Engineer  |  Optivel, Inc  |  Indy, IN  |  Dec’04  |  1.4y  |  Apr’06

Stack: Rails 0.10…1.1,Ruby 1.8,Mongrel,MySQL,Bugzilla,Bash,PHP,Java,Perl,Scheme,Nagios,Debian,apt

Agile software development agency & IT solutions provider. Initially a linux sysadmin, I was promoted to Engineer; built “AirBnB for Airplanes”; managed apt mirror; built internal .deb packages

Projects - Free (Libre) Open Source

Tidelift Maintainer since Apr’22, RubyGem & NPM Project Lead, 67+ libraries; top DL as of Oct’22:

  1. oauth2 - OAuth 2 Client; maintainer since 2017; 124MM DL
  2. oauth - OAuth 1 Client & Server; maintainer since 2021; 83MM DL
  3. version_gem - Gemspec-compatible VERSION enhancer; author, 2022; 3.5MM DL
  4. dynamoid - Amazon DynamoDB ORM; maintainer since 2016; 2.8MM DL
  5. gem_bench - Gemfile static analysis; author, 2013; 2.8MM DL
  6. flag_shih_tzu - Bitfields for ActiveRecord; maintainer since 2012; 1.8MM DL
  7. sanitize_email - Email condom for Ruby server; author, 2009; 1.5MM DL
  8. omniauth-identity - Trad un/pw adapter for omniauth; maintainer since 2020; 1.4MM DL

Projects - Volunteer Work

Awards, Accolades and Certifications

Education (*)

(*) University part-time, while working ➔ No degrees