Introducing celluloid-io-pg-listener

Introducing a new RubyGem celluloid-io-pg-listener (on github) Allows you to asynchronously LISTEN for Postgresql NOTIFY messages and do something with the payloads. Sure! It should work if you just run bin/setup from the root directory of the gem, then you can follow along the examples in the readme. All the data about db setup and structure is located in the spec/apps directory.

The Why and How of celluloid-io-pg-listener

LISTEN for Postgresql NOTIFY messages; Asynchronously process payloads celluloid-io-pg-listener (on github) Why? At Trumaker & Co we had a distributed data problem. Two data stores that needed to be kept synchronized, in real time, with inserts and updates allowed on both sides. There wasn’t a good solution available for that, so I did a lot of research and built celluloid-io-pg-listener to solve the problem.